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The colloquium of elite school alliance in Chengdu held in our school
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In March Chongqing Middle School welcomed all the principals of elite school alliance in Chengdu.On March 21,the colloquium of elite school alliance in Chengdu is held in our school.The principals and the delegates of Wenjiang Middle School, Longquan Middle School, Dawan Middle School, Xindu Middle School, Tanghu Middle School and other four members of the elite school alliance attended the colloquium. The president of the Institute of Education Sciences in Chengdu ,Zijun Qin was invited.

    At the colloquium, the principal of Chongqing Middle School Kangyong Ren delivered a welcome speech to all the  attendees.Whereafter,President Qin made an important speech.The attendees launched a heated dicussion about the   new college entrance examination, the system of selecting courses,regulating school,enrolling students,the development of school and so on. All the principals spoke and came up with new and betters ways for the development of elite school alliance in Chengdu at the meeting .




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