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The inspection of Deputy Director General of Education Bureau in Chengdu
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On the morning of March 13, Haijun Ma ,the Deputy Director General of Education Bureau in Chengdu supervised the work of Chongqing Middle School in the company of Peng Lu,the director and Kai Wang ,the Deputy Director of Education Bureau in Chongzhou.

Director Ma inspected the campus , the school canteen,the dormitory and the work of the facilities in the functional rooms. Principal Kangyong Ren gave an account of the work of school opening, the construction of school culture and school characteristics.

Director Ma highly praised the prudent attitude towards the work in teaching management, the safety , the routine and pragmatic style. He put forward his great expectation on the development of the school and emphasized the school safety to make sure that the teachers work safely and the students study happily.

Director Ma pointed out that the school should implement the spiritofthe19thNationalCongressoftheCommunist Party ,keep in mind the mission, not forget to beginner's mind, and roll up sleeves to work hard.






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