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The inspection of Secretary Xuedong Liao
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On March 5, 2018, the member of the Standing Committee and secretary of Propaganda Department Xuedong Liao inspected Chongqing Middle School in the company of Peng Lu, the secretary of the Party Committee of Education Bureau in Chongzhou.

Everything is thriving. Secretary Liao inquired of Principal Kangyong Ren about the work of the school open in detail,especially the teachers and students in the Senior Grade Three. Secretary Liao highly praised the campus layout, facilities, cultural construction and the development of the school curricula during the campus inspection.. He also gave some guidance. Finally, Secretary Liao urged that everyone should work hard to make greater achievements for the school and the education of Chongzhou .

Secretary Liao left for some reason ahead of time. Secretary lu  collected first-hand information in student dormitory and ask for the safety management and the scheme and progress of the dormitory renovation.

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