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Hundred-year pursuit of dream,thousand-mile cheer of wind
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On September 9, 2016, the Education Department of Sichuan Province officially issued a document [ Sichuan Education file [453] (2016) ] that Chongqing middle school was identified as the "Provincial Level Demonstrative High School" (i.e., "national key high school", the same below).

Chongqing middle school successfully created the "state-level model high school ", which is a coveted goal of Chongqing middle school people for more than 30 years, not only carrying ardent hope from people and friends of all circles, but also cohering loving care and painstaking effort of five session of municipal committee and government of Chongzhou city.

Chongqing middle school successfully created the "state-level model high school", which is the pride of Chongzhou people. The development of one-hundred-year Chongqing middle school is closely relevant with Chongzhou people's concern and love. Chongqing middle school will certainly benefit the development of hometown as our duty and endeavor children's future as our faith.

"National key high school" is not only a glory, but also a pressure and challenge. Standing on a new development platform, our school will confront new competition situation and development bottleneck. However, we will transform the difficulties on the road ahead into the booster of a new round development demand, staying true to the mission for certain and struggling forward with the burden.

"National key high school " is not only an honor, but also a responsibility and undertaking. Chongqing middle school doesn't let down the entrustment of Chongzhou people and expectation of leaders, struggling forward with the burden, but strive to achieve the new development orientation: "worship glory, pursue excellence, lead demonstration, enhance quality, take the path of  elaborate education development".

Chongqing middle school will inherit the sages with education ideal and responsibility, and hold on to education reform and exploration with determination and elaboration of breaking the tradition. We will agglomerate mental effortsadhere to connotative development and stick to optimized quality to make new contributions to the development of education in Chongzhou!

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